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Average cost per click: $0.37

Number of monthly searches for this keyword: 5.40K

Number of monthly searches for queries containing this keyword: 14.80K

Average cost per click * Number of monthly searches for this keyword: $1.99K

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Title: Sex Filmy Darmowe Filmy Erotyczne Seks i Porno -

Description: Sex Filmy Darmowe Filmy Erotyczne Seks i Porno -

Approx. monthly SE traffic: 20.15K

Approx. monthly SE traffic cost equivalent: $5.12K

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Keyword Searches Avg. CPC Searches*CPC Results
cipki pl 5.40K $0.37 $1.99K 765.00K

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Google Ads Paid positions Organic positions  N/A 26  N/A 22  N/A 75  N/A 9  N/A 5 [FR] N/A 369  N/A 1  N/A 10 [US] N/A 3898  N/A 13

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Rank: $5.12K

Traffic: 20.15K Sex Filmy Darmowe Filmy Erotyczne Seks i Porno -

Sex Filmy Darmowe Filmy Erotyczne Seks i Porno -

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Positions count: 26

Rank: $29.44K

Traffic: 169.73K Darmowe Filmy Porno Tube

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Positions count: 22

Rank: $17.07K

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Positions count: 75

Rank: $228.02

Traffic: 2.31K

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Positions count: 9

Rank: $8.43K

Traffic: 10.95K

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Rank: $143.58K

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Positions count: 369

Rank: $56.46

Traffic: 152.6

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Positions count: 1

Rank: $878.83

Traffic: 1.58K 100 dziewczyn

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Positions count: 10


Rank: $50.41K

Traffic: 222.56K Chomik - przyjazny dysk internetowy

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Positions count: 3.89K

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